Commercial Property

Why the CENTURY 21 Commercial System? Whatever your needs, your CENTURY 21 Commercial® Sales Professional has the best training, as well as skills and experience, to help find the best strategy for your goals. Engaging the powerful resources of a CENTURY 21 Commercial Sales Professional is just the first step toward success.  Smarter. Bolder. Faster. Koehler and Associates.

Whether you are looking to invest, buy or lease, you must evaluate options based on a select set of criteria. Commercial real estate is another way to round out your portfolio. Working with tools that analyze location, trends, populations, and other demographics, our Commercial Sales Professionals are able to discuss commercial investments that help you assess various opportunities.

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The Opportunity:

Contact the CENTURY 21 Koehler and Associates Commercial office for support you can count on to meet your commercial real estate objectives. A follow-up consultation with professionals may provide you access to a multitude of investment opportunities, as well as the guidance to help you make informed decisions. CENTURY 21 Commercial Sales Professionals understand that your evaluation of commercial real estate must ultimately come down to your understanding the potential return on investment.

Whether this is your first venture at entrepreneurship or you are a well-established business owner, your interests are always our number-one priority. The CENTURY 21 Commercial Network recognizes that investment value is based on your specific objectives and can offer assistance to help you decide how to achieve goals.

Special Considerations:

CENTURY 21 Commercial Sales Professionals can provide information to help you analyze locations, trends, populations, and other demographics that may help to minimize risk. In addition, CENTURY 21 Commercial Sales Professionals have access to resources that can help assess the challenges associated with zoning, environmental, and occupancy requirements. A Cash-Flow Model may also be used to analyze and estimate an investment's income, expenses, and yield. Ready to get started? Even if you've just started thinking about selling, contact us now. A CENTURY 21® real estate agent will be in touch to discuss ways to sell your property faster and for the best price. Where is the property you will be listing? To get started, just call CENTURY 21 Koehler & Associates at 419-422-4082.

Areas of Expertise:

• Rent and Occupancy Costs

• Lease Term

• Concessions

• Competent Management

• Renewal and Expansion Options

• Location

• Asset Value

• Net Income

• Profit Potential

• Investment Return

• Preservation of the Investment

• Zoning Regulations

• Environmental Conditions